We have the capability to offer a complete range of Slickline and E-line services, including:

Well Integrity:

Camera Surveys, Flow Control / Shut Off, Caliper Surveys, Cement Bond Logs, Casing Condition Surveys, Depth Measurements, PVT Surveys & Leak Search.

Production Logging:

Pressure-Temperature Surveys, Fluid Sampling, Flow Surveys, Sand Sampling, Slickline PLT & varying types of Slickline Memory Tools.

Perforation Services:

High Shot Density Perforating, Perforating Gamma Ray Systems, Tubing Conveyed Perforation.

Pipe Recovery Services:

Free Point Surveys, Back-off Shots, Chemical Cutter Systems, Jet Cutter Systems, Split Shot Systems.

Mechanical Services:

Setting of Bridge Plugs, Frac Plugs, all types of Packers, Pack-off & Straddle Systems

Remedial Services:

Gauge Cutting (wax & scale removal), Fishing Equipment, Dump Bailers, Junk Baskets, Cement Retainers.

About Us

We provide personnel and equipment to the oil & gas industry. We are specialists in well intervention (workover, snubbing, coiled tubing & wireline), equipment rental and engineering services.

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