Hydraulic Workover

A Hydraulic Workover Unit (HWOU) is a versatile, cost efficient method to perform well intervention activities. It’s small footprint, rapid mobilisation and versatility makes the HWOU a logical choice for the conduct of sand cleanouts, completions change out and casing leak repair.


Hydraulic Workover Unit Services

The company offers hydraulic workover services for the Asia Pacific region. In addition, we are able to service other global regions (European, African, Middle East & Americas) through our companies located in the United States of America, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Thailand and Malaysia.

We manage HWO units in operations located offshore and onshore and the units are designed, operated and maintained to the highest industry standards.


Hydraulic Workover Unit Capability

  • Completions / Workover
  • Plug & Abandonment
  • ESP Completion
  • Sand Screen Installation
  • Tubing Perforations
  • Liners & Tailpipe Installation
  • Repair of Down Hole Safety Valves
  • Well Deepening
  • Fishing / Well Cleanouts
  • Casing Window Milling
  • Casing Repairs
  • Packer / Plug Milling
  • Cementing

HWO Unit120K225K420K460K600K600K “Big Bore”
Max. Pull Capacity120,000 lbs225,000 lbs420,000 lbs460,000 lbs600,000 lbs600,000 lbs
Max. Push Capacity60 Kips110 KipsN/A225 Kips263 Kips230 Kips
Rotary Torque1,000 Ft/Lbs6,000 Ft/Lbs22,000 Ft/Lbs22,000 Ft/Lbs22,000 Ft/Lbs22,000 Ft/Lbs
Stroke36 ft.10 ft.46 ft.10 ft.10 ft.10 ft.
Through Bore7-1/2”14”17-3/4”/26”14-5/8”13-5/8”32”

Advantages of Hydraulic Workover

A HWO unit can cover the same working envelope as a conventional workover rig, however has many advantages, including:

  • Cost efficiencies
  • Smaller & more flexible footprint
  • Decreased environmental impact
  • Optimised for offshore use
  • Modular design
  • Rapid mobilisation / demobilisation

What is Hydraulic Workover

Hydraulic Worker is a well intervention technique which can be used to install or remove tubulars (pipes) in and out of dead wells. A dead well means that the well has zero surface pressure and has a heavy fluid or mud in the wellbore, or is not capable of sustaining natural flow.

The tubulars are pulled out of the well using hydraulic cylinders.


How Does it Work?

The HWO unit uses hydraulic cylinders to lift tubulars in or out of the well. Using hydraulic cylinders allows for perfect control over tubular movements and eliminates the use of a large mast construction which is present on conventional drilling rigs.

Hydraulic cylinders can generate large pull and push forces and provide the HWO unit with a small footprint and configuration. These properties are beneficial for offshore operations where space can be limited and where harsh weather conditions are present. In general, the running speed of a HWO unit is lower than a conventional workover rig.

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We provide personnel and equipment to the oil & gas industry. We are specialists in well intervention (workover, snubbing, coiled tubing & wireline), equipment rental and engineering services.

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