Well Control

We execute complex well control operations on a stand-alone basis, or in conjunction with snubbing or drilling operations. We offer tailored well control solutions during ‘blow-out’ situations and other times where either the well cannot be killed or killing the well would result in reservoir damage or production loss. We also have the ability to offer expertise in rig-assisted, well control operations. Our services range from under-balance drilling and flow drilling to kick control and blow-out recovery.


We have solutions for:

  • Underground or Surface Blow-outs
  • Lost Circulation and Pressurised Well Conditions during Drilling
  • Well Kill
  • Leaking Abandoned Wells
  • Pressure below Shallow Plugs
  • Leaking Casing
  • Sheared Pipe after Kick
  • String Wash-outs

Wild Well Control

Well Control Engineering. Well control incidents occur globally and can be costly in terms of population, environment, financial and reputation. Prevention of these incidents is critical. Strong well control engineering results in detailed, structured and robust well intervention strategies for field use, which can significantly reduce risk and prevent future issues from occurring.

We have the capability to partner with our sister company, Wild Well Control, to provide tailored well intervention strategies, for our customers.

Prepare for the Unexpected. Contingency planning is the best way to prepare for unexpected well control situations. Engineering out contingencies assists to identify critical equipment and other resources required in case of an emergency, thereby developing effective control measures. Proper contingency planning helps to reduce damage in case of a well control event and provides valuable input for emergency response plans.

In consultation with our sister company, Wild Well Control, we can construct effective contingency and emergency response plans. We also have the capability to set up equipment availability programs to ensure that the correct equipment is available when required.


About Us

We provide personnel and equipment to the oil & gas industry. We are specialists in well intervention (workover, snubbing, coiled tubing & wireline), equipment rental and engineering services.

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